Cue better, pot better, and improve
your safety and all-round game

Because of the way our guide is structured, you can learn how to play snooker better and more quickly. Remember, it was constructed with the help of professional snooker player and features the exact same techniques that have taken him to within one frame of qualifying for the World Championships in Sheffield.

With the Snooker Guide you can:

  • Start making regular 40+ breaks
  • Develop your cue action to match the professionals
  • Find the baulk cushion almost every time when playing safe
  • Get out of even the most difficult snookers
  • Pot balls and start choosing the right shots more consistently
  • Increase your enjoyment of the game

All of these benefits can be yours when you join our exclusive members area and start learning from our range of tutorial videos and guides. Of course watching the videos is not enough on it’s own, you will need to practice to perfect your skills but that is all part of the fun.

Easy to follow, step-by-step tutorials
to make you a better player

One of the first things to understand about snooker is that it is 90% technique that makes you a good player.

The other 10% is made up of your ability to choose the right shots, know your angles, and line up your shots correctly.

Therefore it stands to reason that if you get the fundamentals of your stance and cueing action right then the rest will follow quite naturally.

That is why our coaching program focuses a lot on your technique and will only move you on to strategy and angles once you master the basics.

This means you get to improve 100% of your game but you take it one step at a time, steadily increasing your skill and knowledge of the game. Too many guides briefly brush over technique without going in to detail because they are too keen to get to the more advanced tips.

You will not get that with Snooker Guide, we understand just how important the right technique is and so we give you detailed written and video lessons to get that part of your game right first. This means you become a better player more quickly as the more advanced tips are easier to pick when you have already mastered the basics.


Learn how to rapidly improve your game and
impress everyone at the snooker club

Imagine how it feels to know you can start potting 40 or even 50 breaks virtually every frame. It gives you a feeling that really helps to increase your enjoyment of snooker and makes you want to play every single day.

Improving your game to such a level means you will also impress everyone down at the snooker club and even means you will be at a level where you could start competing in amateur tournaments.

You might feel that is a long way off but you will be surprised at how quickly your game improves once you have the basics right.


And that is what we specialize in at Snooker Guide, taking you from being a a beginner or average player and improving your technique and knowledge to become a good player.


We can’t promise that you will become good enough to be a professional player but we can promise that your game will improve more than you thought possible.

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